Ashish Khazanchi, Managing Partner, Enormous Brands


enormousBrands, a Mumbai based advertising agency, headed by advertising Ashish Khazanchi & Ajay Verma. Ashish, ex-vice chairman and NCD, Publicis Ambience is an industry veteran with more than 20 years in advertising. After completing post graduation from IIM-B in 1993, Khazanchi joined client servicing at Rediffusion-Y&R, where he worked for two years.

Khazanchi then forayed into the creative department of Contract, Kolkata. He moved to Ogilvy India after two years before joining Publicis Ambience. He has won every single award – from over 50 abby’s to Cannes Gold, and everything in between. He has been rated one of the ‘Top Twenty Creative People’ by Brand Equity and ‘The Creative People To Watch Out For’ by DNA.

Has the process of setting up enormous been an exciting ride?
We set up enormous almost exactly a year ago. It’s been a great ride so far. You know you are in a good place when you are making more calls to writers to get them to join you, than to clients, asking them to invite you.

Does enormous spell out your ambition or is it satiating the enormous ambition of clients? Or is it a bit of both?
We never set up enormous to be a boutique agency. We wanted scale in everything. Whether it is in the quality of ideas, or the difference that we bring to a client’s business or in our own scale of operations. That is what enormous would want to be about. It is preposterous to assume that we would manage to do it every single time we put pen to paper but we don’t want to take that pressure off ourselves.

How does enormous distinguish itself from a ‘conventional Agency’?
We don’t believe there is any such thing as a conventional agency and a different breed called the new media or a digital agency. It has always always been about ideas. Fresh, engaging ideas. Digital is yet another medium where what scores is still the idea. So, is enormous a conventional agency or a digital agency…for us that would be the most incorrect question to ask of any agency. The correct question would be ‘in which part of the markets does an agency have the most relevant insights’. It is not the job of an agency to understand the algorithms of the media being utilised but to understand its markets better. Just as a good director doesn’t bother himself overmuch with the editing software but with the story that people will connect with.

What is enormous really really good at ?
Enormous as an agency understands mid markets best. If it’s mass, the big lumbering belly of the market, we would probably get it better than the next agency. Apart from communication solutions, we are simultaneously building platforms which should hopefully be ready in about two years. We are exploring the possibility of collaborations or seed capital for these.

Any words of wisdom, hope or dread you would wish to give to entrepreneurs hoping to leap?
The advice to anyone thinking of setting up shop would be two-fold. Firstly, make sure you can sustain yourself and the company for a year, and secondly, you have to have a clear idea about who you are as an entity.